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About Zahabz
History ranges back to 2012, an unseen dream of Zahabiya, which started as an unfortunate experience with a close friend, opened the roads to the path of this unique boutique named Zahabz. The unfortunate events, which made her feel cheated and frequently kept haunting other known people, only made Zahabiya more determined towards wandering this path, Zahabz was finally born on 1st December 2018. Zahabz is derived from an Arabic word, Zahab, which means Gold, the precious metal every member of the fairer sect wishes for.

Zahabz is a boutique, whose roots lie in handcrafted artistic home spins, which is derived from Zahabiya’s fascination with crochet. This love also made her obligated towards the artisans whose darns were facing the loss of value, with technology taking over, scarring the demand, and creating empathy as their moolah for income was vastly hampered. Zahabz boasts of an eccentric taste towards a population who is inclined towards handcrafts in fabrics ranging from mul cotton, applique, georgette, chanderi silk, handlooms, and niche cotton. Zahabz also displays Handbags, Glareboxes and jewellery inclined towards traditional Indian attire. Quality and Zahabz go hand in hand, so much that, it is a USP every customer blindly acknowledges.

Zahabz – Handmade Exclusives, have their boutique in Salunkhe Vihar, Pune and are already catering to clients in India, the Middle East, and the US, through social media platforms and is slowly becoming a talk of the world, as clients from other parts of the globe are trying to inquire for orders.

Zahabiya – The Founder
Born and raised in a small-town named Baramati, around 100km from Pune, Zahabz is the daydream of the patron and forebearer Zahabiya Matiwala. Zahabiya means Gold or a Unique Star, and so is Zahabiya, a unique personality with a Golden Heart. She is the face of Zahabz, with so much truth deeply engrained, that social media reaction to the Zahabz page, tumbles to Nth degree if Zahabiya is not featured in the posts, photographs, or videos. She is punctilious and scrupulous in every design, and this unique vision is visible in every display at the Zahabz store. An enthralling and delightful personality, whose presence in Zahabz is so impassioned, that not only the clients but also her fellow colleagues wish for her companionship, as it keeps them beyond being consciously aware. Zahabiya would never peddle her stock with the motive of upselling to any client, she will rather be conscious of their requirements and make appropriate advancements, even if there is a convenience of earning more.